What is the LTJ Project?

The Life and Teachings of Jesus Reading Project (LTJ) is a biennial project that encourages Urantia Book readers around the world to read together Part IV of The Urantia Book, from Papers 120 to 196.  To facilitate the reading, we created videos of all the Papers in Part IV. The videos contain a full narration of the Papers displaying hundreds of beautiful artworks from a large variety of artists that reflect the artist’s conception of Jesus’ life and teachings.  You will be amazed at all the beautiful renditions.

The LTJ Project consists of about 250 videos covering Papers 120-196, plus an additional 36 videos of selected Papers that have special meaning for our planet, including: 

Paper 53 - The Lucifer Rebellion
Paper 54 - Problems of the Lucifer Rebellion
Paper 66 - The Planetary Prince of Urantia
Paper 67 - The Planetary Rebellion
Paper 73 - The Garden of Eden
Paper 74 - Adam and Eve
Paper 75 - The Default of Adam and Eve
Paper 76 - The Second Garden
Paper 77 - The Midway Creatures
Paper 112 - Personality Survival
Paper 113 - Seraphic Guardians of Destiny
Paper 119 - The Bestowals of Christ Michael

What is the purpose of the LTJ Project?

We believe the LTJ Project will unite the global readership in:

•    becoming more Jesus-oriented
•    becoming more ministry-oriented
•    developing the mind of Christ
•    and engaging more with the Spirit of Truth

And it will aid and develop new readers and new members of the Urantia Book community. 
This LTJ Project, coupled with the annual commemoration of The Remembrance Supper, will quicken the progress of our planet by developing an international spiritual brotherhood based on the life and teachings of Jesus that will lead us more directly to light and life. 

Who can participate?

Everyone!  The LTJ Project is open to all visitors to the site and everyone who is interested in learning more about the life and teachings of Jesus, whether or not you have a copy of The Urantia Book

When does it start?

The LTJ Project, including the specially selected videos, will cover a period of two years, and restarts every odd year, i.e., 2021, 2023, 2025 and so on.  The current session started December 27, 2020.

How do I participate? 

You can find the videos on this website on the Learn More page.  You can also watch the videos on our app Uniting Urantia.   You can download the app from Google and Apple Stores, or from our website

You can also join the weekly discussion group hosted by fellow readers.  For information, contact the hosts.

How can I have access to the entire video library? 

In this project, we only release videos for one Paper each week.  You can view them, but they are not available for download.  All of the artwork in the videos is being used under the Fair Use Doctrine that allows us to use proprietary artwork for educational purposes.  For that reason, the full library of videos is only available to students of our School of Ambassadors.  If you’re interested in more information about our school, visit us at:

Join Us    

We hope you choose to participate in the LTJ Project , and if you do, please spread the word, especially to new readers.  

We truly believe that reading Part IV together as a community will unite us as the nucleus of an international spiritual brotherhood under our Master Son and Universe Sovereign Christ Michael.  And it will demonstrate to the world the power of his simple message of the Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of Man to unite the world in peace, and lead us to light and life. 


  Your Family in the Faith, 


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